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very good

Don't no why everyone is hating on this who gives a shit if there's spelling mistakes. Its a good animation not even half of you sorry fucks that gave this a 0 could make something like this so fuck you! the animation is awesome dude really enjoyed it keep it up :)

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KartuneHustla responds:

I'm not too worried about the 0's and dumb stuff people say. As long as you and other people find something to enjoy out of this then that's all I can ask. Thanks for the kick ass support sir!

lazy but ok

pretty lazy nice bit of tweening there but some parts u went frame by frame but the floating zebra make him walk would show a bit of smooth animation or if he is floating a bit of weight to him arms swinging or something but yeh it was clean though not bad.

turtleco responds:

well then he wouldn't of been magical, now would he?

good music

i like the annoying little tambourine sound u had play though the whole cartoon, limited animation at its best i really think u could go further with your work I would hope and would like to see something more intresting but I dont think ull ever do that now wil you?

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I am sorry people but in your reviews you are talking aload of shit this game is amazing its not a lot of the time u see something like this its very original and the style of the game play is very unique the character you play is supposed to be quite clumsy he hasn't been running in a while he is supposed to be like that but what can i say 12 years old don't listen to stories on newgrounds they see a dick and give it 10 well done =.= arrant you someone special.

lol 3 hours

best game in a long time i have everything all the upgrades and guns i laughed my head off as soon as i started playing this i hope to see even a number 3 of this would be awsome.

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ooooo ill do it some day

39 lvl so close its a hard one very good game =)

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10 10 10 well done fav

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dude u are going to be big I can feel it for some reason. love it by the way

ApproachingNirvana responds:

Thanks, man. We'll be redoing this song for the album, so keep a heads up.

it sounds so much better!!

amazing man this needs to be at the top!!!

Equation responds:

Thanks :)

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this style is amazing alot to look at and its not confusing it works really well. You should make him fight easter bunny for easter :3 that would be great.


his six pack looks like somthing else hahaha

Hulalaoo responds:

he go to lose the hotdog


you are a very talented artist you have made the water even look like silk look forward on seeing more.

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its all gravy baby!

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